活動備忘 Event Memo

活動須知:                                                        (Please scroll down for English) 
1. 活動舉行日期:2016313 ()
2. 報名截止日期:201634 ()
 請將參加者姓名及聯絡電話寫在支票背面,寄往「荃灣郵政信箱454 環保觸覺收」。
3. 最後付款日期:201639 ()。如本會在最後付款日期前仍未收到最低籌款額,
4. 參加者可透過網上報名,本會將在2個工作天以電郵及電話確認報名。
5. 參加者也可以在網頁下載報名表,於報名截止日期(201634 ())或之前填妥報名表,
6. 參加者可索取「個人籌款表格」向他人募捐之用,表格上可填寫捐款者全名:捐款$100
7. 參加者須於最後付款日期(201639 ())或之前,將捐款證明連同「個人籌款表格」以電郵、傳真或郵寄交回本會。
8. 支票付款:抬頭為「環保觸覺香港有限公司」
9. 銀行過數:中國銀行(戶口號碼: 012-898-1-035864-8) 或 匯豐銀行 (戶口號碼: 112-247333-292)
10. 是次路線難度 : 適合一家大小及寵物,建議參加者為有經驗之行山人士及年滿6歲,
11. 如帶同寵物前往,參加者需要妥善照顧寵物。以免影響其他參加者,狗隻必須繫上狗帶。
12. 參加者證書及捐款收據將於活動當日派發。
13. 免責聲明及參加條款請瀏覽活動網頁:http://greensense.org.hk/charityhike
14. 所有參加者請務必閱讀本會提供的活動備忘及免責條款,以了解當天的安排、注意事項及相關責任。

1. 除當天上午七時懸掛三號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號、任何暴雨警告訊號以外,活動將會如期舉行。
2. 如參加者未能出席活動,所有已繳交的捐款將不獲發還。 
3. 參加者請自備足夠飲用水及食物,建議自備可重用之水樽及器具,避免沿途棄置廢物;
4. 建議參加者穿著輕便服裝及運動/行山鞋。 
5. 建議參加者避免及減少使用紙巾。 
6. 如有需要,參加者請自備雨具及防曬用品。 
7. 參加者可於當日上午九時十五分起到達青年廣場集合地點Y平台(柴灣港鐵站A出口步行約3分鐘)報到。
8. 參加者如需中途退出,可在歌連臣角道與石澳道交界離開,惟此退出路段需橫過馬路,

Event Reminder
1.      Date of the event: 13th March 2016 (Sun)
2.      Registration Deadline: 4th March 2016 (Fri) (Online registration is available, please register online or by email, fax or postal mail after filling the downloaded form)
3.      Payment due date: 9th March 2016 (Wed). Please settle the minimum donation on or before the date or the registration will deem to be cancelled.
4.      Online Registration is available. Email and phone confirmation will be received in 2 working days.
5.      Registration form can be returned by postal mail on or before 4th March 2016 with cheque or bank-in slip.
6.      For Donation over $100, receipts will be issued for tax exemption.
7.      Please complete the registration form with the following payment methods on or before the payment due day.
8.      Cheque payable to “Green Sense HK Limited” and send to PO Box 454, Tsuen Wan Post Office with the application form/ after online application
9.      Bank transfer to: Bank Of China a/c No.: 012-898-1-035864-8) or HSBC a/c No.: 112-247333-292. Please email (info@greensense.org.hk) or fax (3011 9577) the bank-in slip with the application form/ after online application
10.  Difficulty: Suitable for families with pets. Experienced hikers are preferred, suggesting aged 6 or above.
11.  Participants must manage their pet(s) at all times. All dog(s) should be leashed at all times. For any dog weighs over 20kg, the leash must not be longer than 1.5m.
12.  Participants’ certificates and receipts swill be issued on the Event day.
13.  Please visit our website http://greensense.org.hk/charityhike for disclaimer, terms and conditions.
14.  All participants must read our memo and disclaimer for Green Sense Charity Hike 2016 and fully understand the arrangement, important notice and his/her own responsibility.
 Event Arrangement
1.      Unless the typhoon signal no. 3 or above or any rainstorm warning signal is still hoisted at 7:00am on the event day, the event will be held as scheduled. If the weather is undesired, the route may be varied. Participants, parents or guardians could decide to participate or not at their discretion.
2.      Donations will not be refunded or returned if the participant cannot attend the event.
3.      Participants should prepare enough water and food if necessary. Using reusable water bottles and utensils are suggested, to avoid any waste disposal in the event. Please beware and take away all the belongings including the litter. Littering is prohibited.
4.      Participants are suggested to wear sportswear and hiking gears.
5.      Participants are suggested to minimize the use of tissue paper.
6.      Participants are suggested to bring their own rain gear and/or sun block if necessary.
7.      Registration counter at the assembly point is open at 09:15 at Y-Platform, Youth Square, Chai Wan (3 minutes walk from Chai Wan MTR Exit A).
8.      Opt-out is optional before entering the Shek O Country Park. Please beware of the cross-road traffic at Cape Collinson Road and Shek O Road.